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Fire-safety regulations

Fire-safety regulations vary from country to country, but one way or another your self-storage building must be up to code. So by working closely with local qualified engineers, we’ll make sure that your building meets all local fire-safety requirements.
We look at fire safety as part of our self-storage feasibility study for a brownfield building.
The main things to consider for fire safety at this stage are:
  • Sprinkler system
  • Emergency exits
  • Car park
  • Smoke stop lobbies
  • Fire suppression, e.g. hose reels and extinguishers
  • Smoke purging
  • Ventilation
Ideally, your building includes all of these items, but if not they can all be installed.
When we design a greenfield building, we’ll make sure your self-storage facility meets the fire-safety regulations in your country.

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