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Useful links

Self-storage access control and security

Self-storage associations

  • Australasia
SSAA: Self Storage Association of Australasia
  • Europe
FEDESSA: Federation of European Self Storage Associations
  • Germany
Verband deutscher Selfstorage Unternehmen e.V.
  • Ireland, Rep. of
Irish Self Storage Association
  • Japan
RSA: Rental Storage Association of Japan
  • Netherlands
NSSA: The Netherlands Self-storage Association
(De Nederlandse Mini-opslag Vereniging)
  • Norway
Minilager NSSA: Norwegian Self-storage Association
  • Spain
AESS: Asociación Española de Self Storage
  • Sweden
Self Storage Association Sweden
  • Switzerland
3SA: Swiss Self-Storage Association
  • United Kingdom
SSA UK: Self Storage Association United Kingdom


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